Better Seattle Office Space Solutions

Better Office Space Rental Solutions for Seattle

Friday, February 2nd, 2018


Supporting an office space in Seattle can consume a considerable portion of your company resources, especially if you’re a start-up company. Many commercial real estate brokers and landlords renting Seattle office spaces will ask for multiple-year lease terms and a personal guarantee when leasing Seattle office space. Business Service Center (BSC) can help by designing the perfect Seattle office space for your business. Within minutes of your initial contact with BSC, you will understand why BSC is commonly referred to as one of Seattle’s most flexible for office design and affordability.

Often, we hear those considering renting a Seattle office space to “wish they had called on BSC first”. BSC is always ready to help design the perfect office space for your Seattle business. Share with us about the exact type of office space you need, and we can quickly provide costs and configurations for your consideration.

See us first… It could also save you time and money when determining the location of your new office space(s).

BSC has the Seattle office space you need and offers one of Seattle’s most flexible and affordable office space options of any other office space provider in Seattle. From day rentals to full-time, professional office spaces located in the very heart of Seattle’s downtown business district.  Every Business Service Center office rental also includes a wide selection of optional office support services including administrative assistance, mail services, voicemail and more.

Here is a summary of our office space offerings…

Seattle Executive Office Suites

An executive office suite gives you the privacy to get work done, concentrate, and meet with your clients in a businesslike fashion. Aside from a private workspace and flexible lease terms, you get more amenities, like a conference room, high-speed internet access, and notary public services.

A janitorial service is provided to keep your office clean. A kitchen is provided to offer you free coffee, tea, and vending machines. You also get a professional business address for your mail as well as the use of the building’s fitness center and television. You will have access to the office suite 24/7.

Full-Time Private Office Space

Renting full-time private office space in Seattle will give your staff, customers and prospective customers with an active business environment that emulates positive energy. The benefits are visible upon entering the building. Visitors are instantly dazzled by the lobby, and you’ll be greeted by the warm welcome of the building’s staff.

Each business is unique and has different needs regarding office spaces. Office space providers like BSC will help you design the perfect office space that will meet the unique needs of your business. From flexible terms to various office sizes and additional office support services, BSC will give them to you. Office support services include meeting rooms, a personalized lobby with a professional reception service, telephone answering, copy service, mail services and kitchen facilities.

Part-Time Office Space

If you like to impress your clients and obtain an affordable space just for meeting clients, then a part-time office space is what you’ll need. This is a great option if you like an office in Seattle where office rents are getting expensive. You don’t have to spend a lot for rent if you only need an office to meet with clients occasionally.

So how is this done? Let’s say your company is based in Iowa. You can rent a Seattle office in Safeco Plaza–along with the meeting room and the secretary who transfers calls to Iowa. With the affordable monthly fee comes the privilege of having your company listed in the Safeco Plaza directory and printing the Safeco Plaza address on your business cards. We also think it is an important benefit and one we should point out, that when renting any configuration of BSC office space, your company can upgrade your office space from a virtual/shared office space to full-time without the need to change your address.

Seattle Virtual Office

A virtual office setup enables a company and its employees to work from any place by using technology. This type of office can offer great savings and versatility compared to traditional office rentals. Some companies even offer virtual office services to provide virtual offices the honor linked with physical offices, which includes a renowned address, administrative services, and occasional office space rental.

BSC, your Seattle office rental experts, can help you organize your virtual office to suit your business needs. Your clients will be greeted by their friendly reception staff. They also offer all types of office support services including professional business address, meeting room usage, and a receptionist to greet guests.

If you’re not available for pickup, BSC will forward the mail to you. They can receive your mail, sign for packages, and even sort your mail. With prices more affordable than regular offices, a virtual office is an ideal choice for companies that want their presence felt in a few places simultaneously.

Day Office Space Rentals

A day office is a great option for a company needing a professional office space on specific days. The rates may vary, but a lot of office spaces can be rented by the day or hour. Renting an office only when you need it reduces the financial stress of longer term commitments.

There may be various reasons why you need to rent an office for a day. It could be that the telecommuter wants to work nearer to home, or a businessman may need a private meeting area. Most people who work at home also rent office space by the day. Anyone needing a private place to work can take advantage of daily renting.

There are many benefits of renting a day office. Anyone who doesn’t want to be attached to one place may favor renting by the day because of lack of long-term commitments. The office space can be rented at the latest possible time for the whole day or just an hour, and the rates are typically flexible.

Shared Office Space

Need some flexible part-time office space solutions? Shared office space is what you might need. It encourages collaboration and offers opportunities to share your vision with others. There are many ways to benefit a shared office space with other companies.

For example, a lot of companies may have more available office space as they’ve reduced the number of employees during hard economic times. Rather than lose money on that extra space, these companies are willing to sublet the space. That’s why there are companies who match small companies with larger businesses that move more available space. You basically get to rent a desk or table for a flat fee. The good thing about the setup is that it can be made online.

Actually, shared office space businesses are another alternative. Companies like BSC allow small businesses to lease single offices. This reduces the time required to look for space and set up the office, because these services are included in an office package. They can provide you a receptionist, conference rooms, kitchens, and all you need.

BSC offers four packages for their virtual offices: basic, standard, deluxe, and premium. The basic package offers professional business address and mail/package receiving. The other three packages offer the same services but at different hours of office/meeting room usage.

We hope that what we have shared here to give you a better understanding of what we have to offer and invite you to call us and schedule a tour of our business and what we can offer in the way of a perfect office space solution for your Seattle business.

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