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BSC Makes Renting a Seattle Office Space Easy

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

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Every business owner wants to make a good impression on their clients, and not having your own office space can make that rather difficult. Fortunately, you will find that renting office space in Seattle is easier than ever when consulting with Business Service Center, Inc., (BSC). BSC has been providing better office space solutions since 1986 and is proud to be Seattle’s premier provider of full and part-time executive office spaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms and also offers virtual office space solutions, by the hour, day, week, month or longer term.

BSC strives to provide businesses with the most flexibility, so you
get only the best Seattle office space to fill your needs.

Benefits of Renting a Seattle Office Space

If you are weighing the pros and cons of renting a Seattle office space, the following might help. Renting a downtown Seattle office space can provide you a wide range of benefits, including a reduction of costs, particularly for those who have a relatively small number of employees. Running a small business, even if you are a freelancer, tends to have a lot of overhead costs.

Instead of renting office space where you would have to pay for utilities, reception staff, janitorial and other services, BSC offers coworking spaces also referred to as “shared office space” that really makes a difference to the bottom-line.

Also, having your own Seattle office space is a reflection of your business. You want your clients and customers to see that you are established and professional, and those initial impressions do matter. It’s far better to rent a Seattle office space located in the very heart of Seattle’s downtown business district than renting anywhere else. BSC offers a great location, providing convenience to both our tenants and their guests.

Another benefit of renting a co-working Seattle office space is that it is hassle-free. Office maintenance and other concerns are taken care of by the property management company. A BSC office space is fully furnished, Internet-ready and all office rentals are kept clean and maintained. When you choosing to rent a BSC office space, you will find that there are plenty of other benefits, like those mentioned below.

Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

Choosing to rent your office in a co-working space environment will provide other benefits, as well. Simply, you can find that renting a BSC office space allows you to be more productive by not having to devote time trying to manage your office support like janitorial services and other office maintenance.

There is also the benefit of immersing yourself into the heart of Seattle’s busy downtown business district. The buzz coming from other companies and individuals dedicated to their professions creates a type of energy that can be felt nowhere else in the state. Additionally, being around other working professionals provides ample opportunities for networking. You may just find this unique community to help spread the word about the services, you offer and to help to grow your business.
Co-working office space also provides flexibility. At BSC you can rent the Internet-ready you need for the time needed whether short or long term.

With all of the benefits mentioned here and more, you can see
why many are looking to rent their new Seattle office space from
Business Service Center. It is easier than ever to design your office space to meet your exact business needs, both today and tomorrow too.

What Do our Executive Office Suites and Individual Office
Spaces Include?

When you rent a BSC office space, you will find it to include a substantial number of features that will benefit the bottom-line. For example, our office rental packages receive 10 hours of conference room time each month with an option to add even more. We also can rent fully furnished office space by the hour or even a specific number of hours per month. Our shared kitchen includes a refrigerator, dishwasher, vending machines, as well as tea and coffee service. Also provided is a professional business address, high-speed fiber-optic wireless Internet, use of the fitness center located inside the building, use of the TV and DVD equipment, notary public services, janitorial services, utilities, and maintenance whenever needed. There is also a welcoming reception desk that can greet all of your guests and direct them to your office.

Our private Seattle office spaces start at $650 per month and are located on the 32nd floor of the Safeco Plaza in Seattle, WA.

Still another benefit to our BSC office space rentals is the beautiful panoramic views of Seattle Puget Sound. A great first impression for clients!

Consider a Virtual Seattle Office Space

You may not be ready to rent a Seattle full-time or part-time office space and might instead be interested in a virtual office solution. BSC can provide you with a virtual office that can also offer some of the same benefits that are made available with our full and part-time office rental packages. Here is a look at some of the multiple package options and what each of them will include when renting a BSC virtual office.

*Prices shared below as of March, 23, 2020

Basic Package
– The Basic Package is $75 per month, which will include a
professional business mailing address, as well as mail and package

Standard Package
– Choosing the Standard Package will provide you with
the same features as the Basic along with a host of other features. These additional benefits include five hours of office/meeting room usage, a
receptionist to greet the guests, use of the kitchen facilities, wired/wireless fiber-optic Internet, coffee and tea service, and a notary public. This package is available for $175 per month.

Deluxe Package
– With the Deluxe Package, you get all of the features of the Standard Package, but you also receive 10 hours of office/meeting room
usage rather than five. This package costs $275 per month.

Premium Package
– The Premium Package for the virtual Seattle office space includes the benefits of the Deluxe and lower-tier packages, but you receive 15 hours of office/meeting room usage instead of 10 hours. The cost for the package is $350 per month.

BSC can provide a range of other services, including office staff support services. You can also choose to have a voicemail set up that operates around the clock, or you can have BSC answer your phones during regular business hours. Signage is also available at the Safeco Plaza in the downstairs lobby or at the BSC reception desk.

Choosing a Meeting Space for Rent

If needing only to have a place where you can hold periodic meetings in downtown Seattle, we can provide that too. In-person meetings can sometimes be impractical if you do not have the necessary space to accommodate all of your guests comfortably. Renting a meeting or conference room from BSC is ready with the space you need when you need it. And, these rooms include many of the same types of benefits discussed above included with our other type of office space rentals.
Rentals include a receptionist in the lobby who can greet guests for you, as well as the use of the kitchen facilities, coffee and tea service, use of television and DVD equipment, and you will have access to wired/wireless fiber-optic Internet.

How to Get Started with BSC

Whether you want to rent a private Seattle office space, a virtual office, or you are wanting more information; it’s easy to get in touch with BSC. You can head to our website, where you will find a contact form where we ask for your name, company name, phone number, email address, and the type of service that interests you. This could be a full-time office, a day office, a virtual office, or meeting room, for example. In addition, you will be asked to add the start date you are looking for. There is also space for you to add other information or questions you want to be answered. Enter the code at the bottom of the form and then hit send. BSC is always quick to respond during our normal business

We also invite you to call us. (206) 624-9188. We are
available by phone 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.

As you now can see, there are many benefits available for renting
Seattle office space provided by the Business Service Center, Inc.

If you are wanting to further consider the options and benefits of renting a BSC office space located in the heart of Seattle’s downtown business district? We invite you to get in touch with us today and let BSC introduce you to the right Seattle office space for your business.

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