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For life is the mirror of king and slave. ‘Tis just what you are and do; then give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.
The old adage that “he profits most who serves best” is no mere altruism.

Look around you. What are businesses going ahead? What are men making the big successes? Are they the ones who grab the passing dollar, careless of what they offer in return? Or, are they those who are striving always to give a little greater value, a little more work than they are paid for? When scales are balanced evenly, a trifle of extra weight thrown into either side overbalances the other as effectively as a ton.

In this same way, a little better value, a little extra effort, makes the man or the business stand out from the great mass of mediocrity like a tall man among pygmies and brings results out of all proportion to the additional effort involved. It pays–not merely altruistically, but in good, hard, round dollars–to give a little more value than seems necessary, to work a bit harder than you are paid for.

For the law of attraction is service. We receive in proportion as we give out. In fact, we usually receive in far greater proportion.

It’s that extra ounce of value that counts.

From The Secret of the Ages
by Robert Collier

Client Testimonials

Business Service Center is the perfect office space for the solo or small-to-medium sized business. It is conveniently located on the 32nd floor of the Safeco Plaza building, just a few blocks from the light-rail. The staff are friendly and professional. Not only do they make my day when I get off the elevator every day, but they truly add to your company’s image. Whether you are looking for a part-time, remote office or full-time space, BSC has everything you need to get set up and running in a snap. I am surrounded by other professionals, so it feels like my business is in a bustling little neighborhood. The office amenities are there when I need them, but do not add to my overhead when I don’t. I love my water-view office located in the professional, service-oriented space at BSC!

– Nicole Gainey, Attorney, Gainey-Law

If you are looking for office space and/or office support for your business, I highly recommend Business Service Center (BSC), managed by Tammy Loud and Kelly Gaffney.

The office spaces are clean, well-lit, and quiet, and neighbors are friendly and professional. The staff provide receptionist services, fax and mail delivery, and other support services. They are exceptionally professional, friendly and helpful. Access to conference rooms, a kitchen with an endless supply of coffee and tea, and the building’s gym are all included in the lease. Tasty lunches at Mel’s Market are even nearby!

I have been delighted with the atmosphere Kelly and Tammy have created on our floor, and have felt comfortable and ‘at home’. I give BSC my highest endorsement!

– Candace Braley

I have had both virtual and physical offices at BSC. There are so many selling points to them, but I’ll stick to what sets them apart. The staff is personable and professional. They have long-term front office staff that make my office visitors, whether clients, vendors or personal friends, feel at home and welcome. When you have an office, whether virtual or physical, you can ramp up or ramp down whatever services you need, depending on the growth of your business or the immediate workflow. Having a busy month? The staff there can handle your mail and personally handle your calls in a variety of ways. Coffee and tea are always available, as is a large, clean refrigerator. There are no hidden fees, no additional janitorial or kitchen fees; it’s all included in your rent. The office is close to bus and train stations and (bonus,) across the street from the main Seattle Public Library (also a good place for clients to park). For attorneys this is a nice office as it’s a fairly close walk to Municipal, District and Superior Courts. Also, there are a range of offices from interiors, windows and corners. Also, just starting out and don’t have an array of office equipment? They have you covered with copy/fax/scan equipment that is top notch.

Love you guys!

– Greta Hassakis, Attorney at Law, Criminal Defense

Business Service Center has been the backbone of my practice. Their professionalism is second to none. The staff is warm and welcoming to all our clients. They will always go out of their way to help with all of our needs, even if rather random and difficult. I cannot praise them enough and am grateful for all they have done for me, my employees and my practice over the 8 years I have been with them.

– Tahmina Watson, Watson Immigration Law

We were a small company needing temporary office space with little time to find the right location. We were pleasantly surprised to find the perfect space at Business Service Center. The location is perfect and the sign-up process was quick and efficient thanks to the Office Manager, Kelly. We are very pleased with the services provided by the Business Service Center staff.

– Ingrid Bell, Innovate Washington Foundation

I have been a tenant of Business Service Center (BSC) for almost 14 years. BSC provides me with a wonderful office suite with a great view, professional reception services, and amenities such as a copier and a kitchenette — all at a very reasonable monthly rate.

BSC is nimble and responsive, thanks to the magnificent “face of BSC,” Kelly Gaffney. She has always been quick to accommodate our needs and requests. She has always made it an impeccably smooth and efficient operation.

I am one of many practicing attorneys on the floor — the fabulous 32nd floor — and I love the collegial and supportive atmosphere we attorneys and other professionals have fostered. You can open your door, mill about, confer with colleagues, and be among wonderful friends…or close the door, be a world away on a stunning 32nd floor perch and get some work done.

– Lance Lee, Attorney at Law

I have been a tenant at Business Service Center for the past few years and believe it is one of the best values in the city if you are in need of a virtual or full-time office for a small business. The staff is friendly and helpful and I often get compliments on the office from clients or other attorneys coming to visit.

– Richard Symmes, Symmes Law Group PLLC

Business Service Center has been very responsive to my needs since I have been a tenant – which has been about 10 years. Kelly Gaffney, in particular, is very service oriented and I appreciate all that they do for me.

– Marsha Tellesbo, Tellesbo Company

I highly recommend Business Service Center to any business professional. The staff is outstanding and has gone above and beyond multiple times to help my practice grow. The location is fantastic and the building offers many amenities, including a post office and a gym. With the virtual office plan, and now as a full-time tenant, I find that it is easy to get a conference or client meeting room, even at the last minute. The Business Service Center has many affordable plans designed to suit the budget of any newly formed business. I’m very happy here.

– Lisa Ellis, Ellis Immigration Law

Owen Law Group PLLC has been with Business Service Center (“BSC”) for several years, and we could not be happier with the professionalism, competency and expertise we have received. Focusing on employment and personal injury matters, our clients are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect, and often comment on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the BSC team. We would highly recommend BSC to business professionals of all types looking to office in the heart of downtown Seattle.

– Owen Law Group, PLLC

Business Service Center and my company have had a successful partnership for over 20 years. As a tenant for all these years, I can attest first hand that they have a very professional support staff and the services they have provided my company played a big part in my expansion and transition when I opened an office in Alaska 10 years ago. Thank you for all your hard work.

– Brian Fitzjarrald, B.R. Fitz Co.

In the seven years my firm has been a tenant of Business Service Center, the staff has truly gone out of their way to make sure that our business needs are being met and our clients are greeted in a professional environment. I also appreciate the professional and personal relationships I have developed with my fellow tenants over the years.

– Eric Newman, McDermott Newman

Cobos Group has been with Business Service Center for over 25 years. As a small start-up back in 1988, it was such an advantage to find a service that offered all the amenities that one would have if you were a large corporate firm. Everything from the professional receptionists and office staff, to the attractive waiting area for clients and spacious conference rooms helped to create the professional ambiance that was needed to help us be successful. We could concentrate on running the business knowing that BSC had everything else under control. Having access to a copy machine, packages being mailed, phone service if needed, all these things were invaluable to us. I highly recommend Business Service Center for any small business owner!

– Victoria Cobos, President, Cobos Group

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