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Coworking Office Space and Its Many Benefits

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

benefits of coworking office space

In this article, premier Seattle office space provider, Business Service Center, Inc. (BSC) provides a detailed look at “Coworking Office Space”, a flexible alternative to renting an entire private office space, which can be costly.

Historically, when a business owner or entrepreneur needed an office space, they either had to create that in their own home or rent a full office or building to accommodate their needs. When you only need a desk and a single office, there is no reason to rent or buy a full building. However, some people might also want to keep their office out of their residence, so where can you find the balance? At Business Service Center, Inc., we’ve got the best office space Seattle has to offer, no matter what your office space needs.

Why Consider Renting Office Space?

An office is a must for many businesses. Buying a building or leasing an entire standard or large office might be cost-prohibitive for some business owners. Plus, individuals and small businesses might not even need a full office, so it makes more sense to rent only the space that you need. Additionally, there are a number of options and types of office spaces to choose from, so there is something for just about everyone.

If you’re tired of feeling trapped in your home office or feel like you’re literally working out of your briefcase, it might be time to start shopping for an office space that you can call your own. You can find individual desks for rent, part-time and full-time offices, and even private full offices that include WiFi and a receptionist with the rental! With all of these options, it really makes sense to at least consider renting your own office.

What Kind of Spaces are Available?

Office space rentals come in all shapes and sizes. Businesses can even just rent an address if they need a professional address for shipping, mailing, and business incorporation needs. Using a residence as a business address looks unprofessional, and it might actually hinder some business activities. For those who want more than virtual office services, there are plenty of other options:

  • Meeting room rentals: You can rent meeting rooms for events and meetings, starting at low hourly rates. These rooms can also be rented by the day or week, suiting the needs of every business out there.
  • Part-time full office rentals: Do you just need a space for your employees to work one or two days a week? If you are accommodating more than yourself, a coworking space that includes a full private office is an option. Plus, since you’re only using the space from time to time, you won’t pay as much as you would leasing or buying your own private office space.
  • Full-time office space: Companies that are just starting out or that only need a small office to get the job done can benefit from office space rentals. If you’re new to business or you just want a cheaper, more flexible option for a workspace, this might be the way to go.
  • Furnished office space: Fully furnished offices are available that include WiFi, security, technology equipment, furniture, and more. Some companies even choose to rent a space that comes with a receptionist, saving them hiring someone on their own.
  • Office Suites: If you’re an entrepreneur or you only need office space for one, suites are a nice executive upgrade. Treat yourself to an office suite rather than a coworking cubicle, and you’ll feel more successful without paying the high price of an executive office of your own.
  • Coworking and shared office space rentals: As remote work continues to become the norm more people are looking to get out of their house and into an office environment. Coworking spaces allow you to rent desks or cubicles, or even a small private office in a building or room with other individuals. You pay less because you only rent the actual space you are using, rather than having to lease the entire floor, unit, or building.

What Are the Benefits of a CoWorking Space?

In the past, people who didn’t have a commercial office space usually just relied on creating a home office that they could use for work. While this is still popular today, there is an increasing demand for coworking facilities where employees can get that feeling of professionalism without the expense of renting or buying an entire office.

There are plenty of perks to renting this type of working space, including some that have already been mentioned. Here’s a more in-depth look at the benefits of coworking spaces:

  • Networking and Community

    When you are a freelancer or self-employed, it can often feel like you’re out there on your own and you have no one to work with or interact with throughout the day. Having a coworking space in a building with others can give you that connection that you need.

  • Productivity

    Working in your pj’s sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, and if you ask most freelancers or work-at-home employees, they will tell you that productivity is often their biggest hurdle. After all, when you grab your computer and plop down in front of Netflix on the couch, you’re not exactly setting yourself up for a productive day. Some people do well working out of the home, while others just need that professional space to be in the “work” frame of mind. Plus, coworking spaces are free of distractions and full of others who are working just as hard as you, which makes it easy to stay busy and get things done.

  • Flexible Lease Terms and Options

    The flexibility of coworking office space is perhaps its biggest selling point. You don’t have to commit to an extended office lease or pay a huge deposit for a space that you don’t really need. You can rent office space on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can even call in and ask for space for a couple of hours on the same day that you need it. Most office space companies can accommodate these requests with ease.

  • Diversity

    Coworking spaces consist of all types of people from all types of industries. This allows you to meet and connect with people from various fields who share your professional ambitions. In fact, coworking spaces are usually very collaborative, open environments and don’t create a lot of competition. You’ll meet people from all walks of life. Plus, for creative professionals, a shared space is great for brainstorming and connecting with other creatives who may bring future opportunities or long-term relationships.

  • Better for Your Health

    Everyone has probably been involved in the great “work-life balance” situation in their lifetime. When you work at home, that balance almost always goes out the window. While some people are effective at sticking to a schedule and finding the balance, it usually ends up that work or home is sacrificed for the other because they take place in the same space. With a dedicated office, you can leave work at work and enjoy being home when you are there.

  • Cost-Effective

    New businesses and freelancers often don’t have a huge budget to begin with. Plus, there are a lot of overhead costs associated with running a business that you’re already going to have to deal with. You may not have the means to lease an office, buy furniture, invest in technology, and take care of the rest of the costs of running a business.
    With a coworking space, you will be able to get exactly what you need without the huge expenses. Plus, there are no utility bills, no furniture to buy, and in many cases, you’ll even have complimentary WiFi and printing/faxing capabilities.

Take the Pain Out of Shopping for Office Space

Unlike residential properties, there is no MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for commercial real estate and office space. An MLS serves to incorporate all available real estate, taken from various realtors and websites, into one easy-to-navigate site where you can view all the available properties at once. With business rentals, you’re often left to scour Google and follow the endless trail of links to sites that all have different listings. While this is bad for you, it’s great for commercial real estate websites because their unique listings are what keep them in business.

You could spend hours searching the internet and looking for reasonably priced office space in downtown Seattle. You could drive around and take down numbers on signs in front of buildings that are for lease, and then call each one to see what they’re actually offering. You could also get caught up in the stress of the search and end up settling for something that doesn’t actually suit your needs.

By working with a company that offers a full range of office space rentals, you can take the headache out of the process and find your dream office with ease. You will find all of the types of spaces discussed earlier, including executive suites, full private offices, and coworking desks or cubicles that give you a small, affordable place to work. Plus, you can trust that you’re getting the best rates because you are choosing flexible workspace options and not just looking to lease a commercial space from a realtor or investment company (both of which almost always charge top dollar because they’re in it for the money).

Lease Terms and Pricing

Office space offers affordable options for everyone who needs a place to work. As mentioned above, there are flexible lease terms available for all kinds of coworking spaces and other office rentals. You can choose the office that has the terms you want or search for options within your budget, and you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. You can get virtual services for as low as $65 a month or rent a full private office for less than your apartment (starting around $600 a month).

The Bottom Line

Work smarter, not harder. That’s the mantra of many people, and it’s what we believe here at Business Service Center, Inc. That’s why we’ve created a diverse portfolio of office space Seattle business owners and freelancers can use to thrive in their environment and make the most of their careers. Contact us today to see how we can help you with the perfect downtown Seattle office space, no matter what you have in mind.

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