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Are you a start-up business founder in need of a Seattle office space? Are you considering getting a shared office space in Seattle? You will find this article informative as it contains all you need to know about getting a shared office space in downtown Seattle.

The number of companies making use of coworking spaces is increasing daily as more and more people discover the concept of shared office spaces. It’s rather ironic that an idea that was once regarded as “freelancers’ domain” has now become a valid option for several businesses all over the world.

Let’s examine the benefits and setbacks of using shared office spaces.


Before you invest in a shared office space, you need to know precisely how it suits your business and also the downsides it could pose.


  • INCREASED FLEXIBILITY: One of the benefits a shared office space offers is the high level of flexibility. Shared Office Spaces are flexible and provide the following options:
    • FLEXIBLE COST OPTIONS: They are cost-effective. They save you from huge upfront fees, deposits, and other accompanying payments. A shared office space helps start-up founders cut down costs.
    • FLEXIBLE PLAN OPTIONS: You get to enjoy freedom from year-long lease requirements. This means you’ll have access to private office membership, a hot seat and a private desk monthly.
    • FLEXIBLE SPACE OPTIONS: Should your space requirement increase or you add more members to your team, you can easily switch to a private office. You can also ditch your assigned private desk for a hot seat pass while you’re away.

The flexibility that comes with shared office spaces, means less worry for entrepreneurs when it comes to start-up funds for a private office and facilities.

  • NETWORK OPPORTUNITIES FOR STARTUP FOUNDERS: It sometimes gets lonely when building a startup business.  There’s always the need to learn new things, regardless of the current phase in business. It’s great to have other entrepreneurs around you, especially when the going gets tough. It will help take the edge off. Shared Office Spaces give room for mingling, networking and even learning with other professionals. This could be in the form of educational workshops, dialogues, happy hours or guest speaker events. Your startup will significantly grow when you work alongside like-minded people.
  • AMENITIES AND SERVICES: Do not expect to have all the luxury of an office when you rent a private office. You most likely have to get furniture and other necessary items such as a phone. There’s usually a lot to set up initially. It’s very different when you pay for a shared office space. A lot of administrative and operational tasks of the office are typically already taken care of. Most shared office spaces offer the following amenities and services:
    • Meeting or Conference Rooms
    • High-speed WiFi
    • Printing & scanning
    • Full kitchenette
    • Onsite support
    • Mail distribution
    • Privacy nooks
  • ENHANCED ACCESS TO PARTNERSHIPS: One of the major benefits of using our shared office space in Seattle is that you will have greater access to partnerships and even key players who can help grow your business. When you get enclosed in one office space with several other startups, there’s a greater chance of you attracting the attention of more investors, inventors, and VCs who are looking for new opportunities. Despite the fact that many startups are hesitant when making corporate investments, we cannot ignore the possibility of huge success when the right pairing is made. It is no longer news that several larger corporations seek means of tapping into a fresh market that is relevant to their mode of operation. You can take this as leverage.
  • HOST OF LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Our Shared Office Space in Seattle offers several educational opportunities including workshops, panel discussions and many more. These learning opportunities significantly assist startup founders to tackle several roadblocks that they might experience in the course of business. They may also have access to new funding sources and other once in a lifetime opportunities. If you’re looking to up your game as a startup entrepreneur, a BSC office space at Seattle’s Safeco Plaza is a great choice. You will enjoy many learning opportunities that are relevant to your business.


  • DISTRACTIONS: The activities of other professionals in an office space can be a major source of distraction for you and your team; especially when you need full concentration. Phone calls, discussions, and other activities can get you distracted. We, however, have got you covered; our office space has strict rules. We know that certain businesses need a quiet environment, and we have a system to help achieve that. Our office spaces are roomier to ensure enough physical separation, so you can decide when to mingle and when to do deep work.
  • LACK OF CUSTOMIZATION: You can’t brand your office space to your taste and this could be a setback when using shared office spaces, especially for people who care so much about the aesthetics of a work environment. In a privately leased office, you can brand the furniture, walls, lighting and other facilities to suit your preference and scope of business. However, you need to understand that just because a working environment is aesthetically pleasing doesn’t mean it suits you more. At BSC, we help by designing the perfect office space to suit your business needs.
  • CLOSENESS TO COMPETITORS: In rare cases, startups who make use of shared office spaces could experience competition. The solution to this is to keep it low; guard your ideas. It’s just like everywhere else, the competition will always want to know what you’re up to, but every business person must be discreet and guard their business secrets.


It‘s a great way to start a business if you’re trying to keep costs down. Most negative experiences at shared office spaces usually originate from:

  • Poor amenities
  • Incompatibility with other entrepreneurs in the office.

It is crucial to find a shared office space that is specifically designed for your kind of business. This will ensure you do not encounter disruptions and other negative experiences.


Are you in need of office space in Seattle? Business Service Center (BSC) has got you covered. We are the Seattle Office Space experts; we can help tailor your office to suit your preferences.

When you make use of our Shared Office Space in Seattle, you will get to connect with like-minded people who are also working towards growing their businesses. You also get to work in a pleasant environment with exquisite furniture that is suitable for growing businesses. Business Service Center provides flexible office spaces that will spark innovations; an environment where you can create your next big business idea.

We pride ourselves on being the best co-working space in Seattle. At Business Service Center (BSC), our fully furnished and serviced offices have distinct aesthetics and vibes that will definitely spark up innovation and inspire your team. The working environment is conducive; you will be able to focus on your goals for the day while we take care of the rest.

We believe office desks, chairs, high-speed fiber optic internet access and uninterrupted power supply are fundamental rights in business. We also provide a support system, ancillary services and an enabling environment for small businesses to thrive while growing.

We provide the best environment for entrepreneurs and founders of small and medium-sized businesses, independent freelancers, middle-level corporate executives, as well as creative artists to work, network, collaborate, partner, have fun and stay productive.

When you choose us to provide your shared office space, you will get an office that has an appointed lobby, personalized reception service, secure mailboxes, high-speed internet access, nice meeting room, notary public services, kitchenette with coffee and tea service, janitorial services, maintenance, and utilities. At affordable fees, you can enjoy administrative assistance, personalized telephone answering, mail services, word processing, voice mail, and copy center.


Our Shared Office Space in Seattle is a unique landmark minutes from Pioneer Square and entrepreneurs definitely love our set-up. BSC office spaces feature high-speed direct fiber internet and other necessary facilities.

Business Service Center is situated in the heart of Seattle’s Central Business District which is a great location! The Safeco Plaza is a 50-story building that offers magnificent views of landmarks such as Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains.


To set up your business in one of our Shared Office Space Seattle rentals, all you need to do is contact us. We have a wide range of office packages ready for you.


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