Shared Office Spaces "A Better Option For Seattle Businesses"

Shared Office Spaces “A Better Option For Seattle Businesses”

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

seattle office space for rent by Business Service Center, Inc

More people are realizing the benefits of renting shared office spaces in Seattle and opting for shared Seattle office space to take advantage of the extra services and support. Pricing continues to increase for Seattle office space pushing business owners to consider the advantages of shared office space further. Additional benefits and rapidly increasing pricing are creating what some are calling “a boom” for Seattle’s shared office space providers.

Business Service Center (BSC) offers several office rental options which benefit from shared costs and include services such as well kept kitchens, office support services, and additional amenities.

From the single part-time office space to full-time executive suites, we offer everything you need to stay on top and get the business done. We understand that your business is unique and has varying needs regarding their office spaces. With that in mind, BSC staff are experts in office design and ready when you are to design the perfect office space for your business.

About Seattle Shared Office Space

The more you learn about “Shared office space,” and its many benefits, the more you will never want to go back to renting “traditional office space.” Shared office space is generally situated in a regular office complex where offices are all linked by a common corridor. The layout allows easy access to common areas like kitchens and meeting rooms. The main benefit to shared offices are the shared costs, which include things like receptionists, mail services, and professional office support staff ready to help “get it done!” You can have a full-time office support staff for a “part-time” price.

Business Service Center is one of downtown Seattle’s leading office space rental providers and offers flexible leases, both short-term and long-term, in different sizes and at reasonable prices. We also provide day rental options for meeting rooms and select office spaces.

5 Things To Consider When Looking For An Executive Suite

Finding office space in Seattle, or anywhere else, can be a challenge. It’s different from looking for a house to purchase or an apartment to rent. Looking for an office space to rent involves many variables that should be considered.

Here are a few things you need to know before beginning your search for office space in Seattle.

  1. The Rentable Square Footage

This pertains to the total amount of space that you must pay. This includes the usable square footage and the common-area space. Once you know what you’re paying for, it’s important to know what a quoted rental rate is. Rent for executive suites is usually quoted on a monthly basis.

Not all “shared office space” is calculated the same. So pay close attention to these two factors:

      • Usable square footage factor: This refers to the actual amount of space that you can use as a tenant.
      • Common area factor: This shows the rate of space shared within a building that you’ll pay on top of the usable square footage. Common spaces may include kitchens and restrooms.
  1. Location

Location is very important when selecting an office space for your business. The perfect Seattle location should be easily accessible to your clients and employees. Think about the amenities near the office. Is there a gym or a coffee shop nearby?

Business Service Center shared offices are located in Seattle’s Safeco Plaza. The building is 50 stories tall and is located right in the center of the downtown business district in Seattle. Additionally, Safeco Plaza is conveniently located within minutes from the light rail and bus transportation, which means you and your clients and staff can get to the office without any hassle.

  1. Size

The size of your office space is another important factor to consider when choosing the best office space for your business needs. The general rule is to allow 70 square feet per person. If you think that your business needs a bigger space, then you can increase this figure appropriately.

BSC also offers limited monthly use of meeting and conference rooms with the option to increase usage to meet your needs.

  1. Style

Quite often, the style of the office space is often overlooked when looking for new offices. While overlooked, we can’t discount the importance of style.

Your choice of office space can be a powerful branding tool for your business. If you want to create a professional brand image, look for a building that emphasizes and supports an environment of dedicated professionals. From the moment you enter Seattle’s Safeco Plaza, you feel an energy that can help fuel any entrepreneur.  You will be proud to display pictures of your office space on your website and display a prestigious address located in the very heart of Seattle’s downtown business district.

The good news is that Seattle’s Safeco Plaza is one of the most distinguished buildings Seattle has to offer. When you enter the BSC lobby, you’ll always be greeted by the friendly reception staff. Anyone can instantly see that at Safeco Placa business gets done right.

  1. Asking the Right Questions

Looking for space doesn’t end in touring several offices and choosing the best one. As a prospective tenant, you should ask all the important questions. For example, the building hours, the usage of shared facilities, and handling of maintenance issues.

With a Business Service Center shared office rentals you have 24-hour access, seven days per week. That means using your office anytime you want. You can use the conference room for up to 10 hours every month. (options available to add hours.) You can also use the building fitness center, television, and DVD equipment. Maintenance will be handled properly by BSC.

Benefits Of Renting A BSC Office Space 

If you work alone, your most affordable option is likely working from home. However, it does get lonely at times and some domestic distractions may impede the progress of your work. For a small enterprise, a traditional office is often very expensive and may also require a long-term commitment. A better alternative is to consider a shared office space which offers everything you need and more.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when renting from Business Service Center’s office space at Seattle’s Safeco Plaza.

Flexible Lease Terms

BSC aims to be as flexible as possible and works hard to provide the best office space solution for every business. For your convenience, we offer short-term lease terms so you won’t be locked in a long-term commitment.

Most all of our office space’s offer month-to-month lease terms. BSC also offers both short and long-term leases and in different sizes and configurations at reasonable monthly costs. Our Seattle office rentals offer a wide array of optional support services, which takes us to the next benefit.

Excellent Office Support Services

Aside from the flexible lease terms, a BSC office space offers services that most conventional office space providers don’t. You’ll have your own space and share common amenities, like conference rooms and lobby.

Regardless of what lease term or size of office you choose, BSC offers their tenants access to several office support services including kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, and an appointed lobby. Isn’t that way better than paying for utilities and amenities when leasing office space?

BSC allows you to use the conference room for about ten hours per month. (options to add additional time is available. The appointed lobby comes with a receptionist who will greet your guests accordingly. The kitchen is equipped with coffee, tea, and vending machines.

Professional Environment

Another benefit of renting a BSC office space at Seattle’s Safeco Plaza is its professional atmosphere. From the moment you enter the building, you will feel an energy that comes from an atmosphere of like-minded professionals dedicated to getting their business done.

The beauty of having a BSC office space is the ability to work in an efficient corporate environment without putting a large capital investment up-front. BSC office rentals offer value-added amenities, like a receptionist, notary public services, and a professional business address.

The receptionist will greet your guests and answer your calls politely. The professional business address allows you to receive mail and adds an element of prestige when you tell people about your business. While you’re away, the receptionist can get your mail and place it in your office.

More Affordable Office Space

Compared to traditional office spaces, renting a BSC office space is cheaper. You may be surprised to learn that a shared office space from Seattle’s BSC can save your business more than 50% in total office costs. Basically, you only need to pay in the amount of space and the services you need to develop your business.

Since a receptionist is provided to do all the basic administrative tasks, you also save the cost and time on sorting the mail, creating copies, and answering calls. Those savings can be used to invest in other business strategies, like marketing.

BSC office rentals also come with use of beautiful conference rooms for conducting business meetings. There are phone lines and internet connection set up so there’s no need to pay for additional installation fees. All this and more at a low monthly cost.

Quick Setup

Moving office locations is never easy and can cost plenty. With a BSC “shared office space” solution, there’s no need to lift heavy furniture and set-up the essential office support and utilities. BSC will set them up for you and provide all the necessary amenities and office support, including high-speed internet, phone, and even kitchen facilities.

You also don’t need to worry about cleaning because BSC executive suites offer maintenance and janitorial services. Conference rooms are already provided to let you conduct your regular business meetings with clients. All these are part of a Seattle executive suite so you can simply move in and begin working immediately.

Great Location

The Safeco Plaza and the shared office spaces offered by BSC is situated right in the heart of the Seattle central business district. This 50-story building offers great panoramic scenes of the Seattle’s Puget Sound and great mountain views, like Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. You’ll also be able to see the magnificent views of the city of Seattle.

Besides the amazing views, the location of the building is conveniently near to transportation hubs and market. You can reach the I-5, Light Rail and Bust Transportation within minutes. The building is also within minutes from the Pike Place Market, financial and retail districts, and courthouses.

Increase Networking Opportunities

With an open floor design and easy access to Seattle’s menu of scheduled business events, a BSC office space can also be the start of some needed networking. Renting office space in a prestigious downtown office building means you’ll have more opportunities to communicate with other business owners like yourself.

Aside from finding future business partners and customers, you can also easily access a great talent pool. Many business owners find great gems from other staff. Best of all, you create a community with people that share your goals and interests.

Looking For A Reputable Office Address?

A BSC Seattle office space is a nice choice. We’re locally owned and operated, and we take pride to our long-time membership with associations that include Seattle’s Better Business Bureau and the Alliance Business Centers Network.

BSC invites you to schedule a tour of our “Shared Office Offerings” and can help you design the right office to fit your unique needs and “Shared Office Space to grow. It’s our goal to make our tenants and your clients feel welcome and comfortable. We offer an active business environment that exudes a form of energy that will make you productive.

Here are the highlights Of Seattle Office Rental At Safeco Plaza:

  • Conference room and/or virtual office (use up to 10 hours per month)
  • Lobby with receptionist
  • Kitchen with coffee, tea, and vending machines
  • Professional business address
  • High-speed internet
  • Fitness center/gym
  • Television and DVD equipment
  • Maintenance, janitorial, and utilities
  • 24/7 access
  • Notary public services
  • Flexible lease terms

Contact us today to set up your business in one of our Executive Suites! If you’re not ready yet to commit with a full-time Seattle office space, then we can recommend one of our Seattle Virtual Office Packages. 

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